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October Summarized

Sorry, I’ve been out of it the last few weeks.

I believe my last entry left off with the disturbing visit from Bobo, my thyroid companion. Well after 2 weeks of Advil, prayer, a very simple diet and whatever else was going on in my body, Bobo left quietly and has not since returned. My second set of thyroid labs shows that my thyroid is “hypo” and I did have all the markers for thyroiditis between the blood work and the ultrasound. However, given the nature of all my crazy up and down thyroid numbers, the NJ doctor I was temporarily seeing (while at my parents) suggested I get another set of labs done this month before deciding what to do other than staying away from cruciferous vegetables.

While patiently waiting out the visit of Bobo, I went into a really bad 4-day flare. Considering I spent the most of September micro-flaring and flaking layers of skin, I considered October’s first week of flare an abbreviated regular flare (See my page on RSS/TSW for my definition of a “flare”). On the bright side, it ended in 4 days which was really quick for my normal flares. Also, all the swelling associated with the flares didn’t happen in October. I’ll come back to the swelling in a moment.

The week after recovering from the flare I suddenly broke out into hives for 2 days. Oh no, they weren’t just regular hives, they were bee-sting sized CLUSTERS of hives that came on suddenly from neck to toe. I lay in pain and intense itchiness all night from that. The swelling of those hives went down considerably by morning after ice packs, refrigerated aloe masks, tons of Benadryl and Attarax.

Why hives? I have deduced that while visiting my mom, over the course of the week AFTER the flare calmed down, I was feeling quite good and got a little cocky with my diet.  I figured I wasn’t home in my normal routine and could cheat a little on the very stringent diet I put myself on once I came off the topical steroids. You could say I went Hog-wild! I had a real NY/NJ bagel (I don’t usually eat bread), pizza (who knows what ingredients were in the sauce, the non-organic cow cheese and again I don’t usually eat bread), couple glasses of wine (haven’t drank pretty much in 5 months) and I won’t lie I even had a couple of chocolate chip cookies with decaf coffee and cream (haven’t been eating sugar or consuming decaf coffee either). Although I thought this may cause a bit of eczema or a micro flare, I never imagined hives.

The thing is NEVER in my whole life have I ever had hives. So that was crazy. I fasted the next day and just drank fresh made juice and distilled water while continuing the Benadryl and Attarax.  Everything subsided within 48 hours. And for the rest of my visit I would take a Benadryl before every meal. Including the very successful surprise 40th anniversary party my sister and I threw for my parents during the end of my stay there. I downed Benadryl before, during and after. I survived and when I got back to California went back to my usually vegetarian 75% raw 25% cooked diet with a bit of Goat Kefir and Goat Milk Butter (I actually found Goat Milk Butter). However, I must confess, I did fly home with a half dozen bagels for me and my hubby. I took a Benadryl before consumption of them. I miss NJ/NY Bagels.

Things have not really been that great, skin-wise, since I’ve returned from California. In fact I spiraled downward. My lymph nodes are crazy swollen and the hot flashes on top of the burning are over the top. More about that in another post, I’d like to quit whining for a second and talk about New Jersey.

For the inquiring minds, none of my family sustained any major damage from the hurricane which hit the Jersey shore exactly a week after I returned to California. My sister lived far enough from Atlantic City that they didn’t have any problems. My aunt and her family live uphill about a 5 minute walk from the beach, they only lost power. But from the pictures my cousin texted as he walked around the neighborhood the next day, many of the neighbors’ homes did not fare well. My parents live on the dry side of HWY 36 (for fellow Jersians) far enough from the ocean that they only lost power for 7 days. Many of their friends and neighbors are not faring so well. It’s been pretty devastating to watch on TV. Our prayers go out to them.


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