Posted by: eczemancipated | November 14, 2012

Lymph Nodes

When I returned from New Jersey 3 weeks ago, I was extremely jet-lagged. My skin was in an upswing. However, my lymph nodes in my neck, wrists, inner elbow and arm pits were really swollen, some hard and painless while others ached. It’s been rather distressing to have all these swollen lymph nodes. They have actually been swollen for about 4-5 months. I can feel my arms become achy as the nodes in my underarms slowly fill up and swell, then over the next day or two they seem to deflate as if nothing happened.

I wish I could say the same for the nodes in my neck. I have had a persistent pain in my right ear since August which seems to come and go. In October, when it was the most painful, I had a physician check my ear out for infection, but there was no infection. She mentioned that possibly the mastoid node behind the ear is swollen. I’m supposed to go to an ENT to have a more thorough inspection. The pain has not gone away, I’m guessing the persistent pain is because all the nodes on that side are swollen (some are quite tender).

In August, the right node lowest on the neck filled up and since then the ones consecutively higher have filled. I’m assuming that all the nodes on that side are just backing up slowly, unable to drain, because of the lowest node. Yesterday I woke up with my right tonsil quite swollen and painful, today it is a little better.

I did go back into a flare about 4 or 5 days after returning from New Jersey. It’s been over two weeks and I haven’t pulled out of this one. But I have been flaking off and on for the last week.

Just can’t kick the redness and the itching.


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