Posted by: eczemancipated | November 23, 2012

November Trip to Dr. Rapaport’s office

Monday this week I went to Dr. Rapaport’s office in Beverly Hills, California, United States. It was the most encouraging trip to his office to date.

Although Dr. Rapaport was not in the office, I saw his Medical Assistant who helps with all of the RSS/TSA clients. She told me I was one of their best patients. I asked for her to explain and she said considering how long I had been on steroids (35 years) and for how long I have been off of steroids (7 months) I am healing extremely quickly. She said many people at this stage are still in a very critical intense state of withdrawal.

She was even more impressed when she learned that I only take 25mg of hydroxyzine a day and no other medication at all. She said the quality of my skin is great.

She did recommend I use Protopic on my wrists and the back of my knees. She also said that most likely all of the red rash on my legs is eczema. But until I was completely finished with all of the withdrawals they would not know for sure. I am unsure I will use the Protopic as I don’t really want to use a non-steroid immune-suppressant medicine (drug) while going through drug withdrawals from a steroid immune-suppressant medicine (drug).

I send pictures to Dr. Rapaport that I take every week so they see the progression of my flares. I also write them updates and send questions. At times I’ve spoken to the Dr. and nurses over the phone when I was really concerned about different issues. So I feel that they have a good idea of what I’m really going through.

Therefore, I consider this to be the best news I’ve heard in 7 months.

It is difficult to get my bearings and understand where I am supposed to be at this stage versus where I actually am in the healing process. Some days I look absolutely monstrous, while other days its beginning to get harder to tell that I have RSS and deal with daily withdrawal symptoms.

I equate my recovery to the vegetarian lifestyle I adopted almost a year before coming off steroids, the help I received from my family so I could rest, wrapping my arms and hands with gauze every day, sleeping 10-15 hours a day, taking a lot of jacuzzi Epsom salt baths at my aunts house, jumping on the trampoline daily, taking different herbs and supplements to aid my healing and trying to exercise an hour a day by doing stretches or ballet. Probably the most important has been caring for my spiritual health and trying to do something every week for other people to keep my mind off myself.


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