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All About ITSAN

Back in April 2012 my mother found the website during her search for answers about my health. This led us to the proper diagnosis of my life long battle with Red Skin Syndrome (RSS). Without the help of The International Topical Steroid Addiction Network (ITSAN), I may have continued to suffer for many years with no answers.

ITSAN is a non-profit organization raising awareness, providing education and support to those with Red Skin Syndrome due to the epidemic of misdiagnosed and mistreated people around the world. Kelly Palace (a Red Skin Syndrome survivor, is the president and co-founder of ITSAN. She along with Dr. Marvin Rapaport and Dr. Mototsugu Fukaya, the two physicians who pioneered the diagnosis and treatment of RSS, continue to work diligently to develop the ITSAN organization.

Dr. Mototsugu Fukaya has treated thousands of patients with Topical Steroid Addiction (Red Skin Syndrome) in Japan. He is the author of a book in Japan on Steroid Overuse and Addiction. You can read more about his research at

Dr. Marvin Rapaport is a pioneer in Corticosteroid Addiction and Red Skin Syndrome. He is the author of Multiple Medical Journal Articles and Presentations on this subject. He has cured thousands of patients through his proven approach. You can reach him through his medical practice at:

Rapaport Dermatology of Beverly Hills
436 North Bedford Drive , Suite 306
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (310)274-4401 or (310)274-4401

These physicians, Ms. Palace and the ITSAN staff continue to give help to RSS sufferers. One example is through their creation and support of the Google Group Forum, Facebook page and twitter feed.

The Google Group Forum (!forum/itsan) is a unique resource which was made available for people who are both RSS sufferers and caregivers seeking comfort and counsel or physicians and medical professionals seeking patient education. The forum has proven to be a great place to receive education, encouragement and advice from those who are personally dealing with RSS.

The Facebook page can be found here:

ITSAN has also been publishing Press Release announcements about survivors and corporate milestones to raise awareness in the media and gain attention from the corporate sector.

Here are some examples:

ITSAN has many goals outlined for the immediate future which need proper funds to be able to reach them within a reasonable time frame. Many have expressed interest in donating to this organization. Here is the direct link to PayPal:

For more information you may contact the corporate offices at




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