Posted by: eczemancipated | December 10, 2012

Yes, I am a Vacuumaholoic.


My name is Heather Petersen and I am a vacuumaholic.

It all began back in July when I had my first “break” in the Red Skin Syndrome withdrawal flares. I woke up one morning to my body being covered in dead skin. It looked as if there had been a big snow storm and I was the only one who went outside to see it.

With every step I took, the white snow would gently fall to the ground like autumn leaves losing their hold on the season. I would sometimes stand in one spot of the bathroom with a dry brush, softly sweeping the snow from my arms into piles on the floor. Then with great delight I would pull out the vacuum and I would make the snow disappear.

Just like how the snow melts ever so indiscernibly from the sun beams. No one even notices til it’s gone.

I became a stealth snow destroying warrior and it was invigorating. I started pulling out my vacuum sometimes 2-3 times a week. Madly set on eradicating all snow dust standing in my way. As it followed me, stealthily stalking me, on my couch, on the floor, in the bed, on the windowsill – snow was everywhere!

But the red flares would take over me and I would be bed ridden. Lying to myself, I would say that I was no longer a vacuumaholoic. That I had bravely kicked the habit to deal with something bigger, like the red burning itching pain I felt that left me bed bound. I would say to my self, “This is bigger than me and my vacuum, I am totally in control. I don’t need to vacuum anymore…”

But sadly, when the flares would end, the snow would return leaving me conflicted. To vacuum or not to vacuum.

Eventually the insatiable desire to vacuum would get the better of me. And then I even began to use all the vacuum attachments. I vacuum the mattress, the door frames, the corners of the ceiling – I just can’t stop!

How do I get control of myself?!

Please! Make it stop!


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