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Blogger Brista Talks About Pain

Brittany from the blog is great at describing things. This week in the ITSAN Google Forum she explained to someone the type of pain that our skin goes through. A mother of an RSS patient had expressed that she really wanted to understand the pain her child is going through. So Brittany obliged her with this answer:

“I’m 7 months TS-free and I understand the skin pain all too well! I have recently started taking 400 mg/day ibuprofen which seems to help for a little while. Right now the pain is much worse than the itch. Up until recently, most of the time I didn’t notice the pain as much because the itch was so intense that I couldn’t think of anything else! But my itch is starting to be less intense (although it’s definitely THERE, it’s like white noise in the background that I can ignore most of the time) and that’s probably why the pain is more noticeable.

It’s hard to describe but for me, there are a couple different kinds of pain:

  1. Scraped – This is what I feel most often and on my arms & hands especially (which are my worst parts. Have you had a really bad sunburn? Now imagine you have that really bad sunburn all over then you fall down a gravel hill then skid across the pavement. My skin feels like that. I feel like I’m scraped all over, like a million tiny paper cuts cover my body.
  2. Sore – Especially when I have a big scratching frenzy.
  3. Skin is too tight. I don’t really know how to describe this but it hurts. I try to turn my head or open my mouth and I can’t because the skin is so dry and tight. I guess this sort of goes with the soreness feeling.
  4. Burning – As if you had a sunburn then soaked the raw skin in rubbing alcohol all over
  5. Zappy nerve tingles – I’ve had these painful zaps all over my body sporadically but I get these in my breasts regularly and they HURT! It’s like an electric zap/needle jab.”

I really appreciated this answer, as it expresses what we are going through very well.

Thanks Brittany for letting me quote you. Press on girl!


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