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Supplements and Skin Care

Overall, I seemed to have turned a corner in November and languished at that point. (I’m hoping my body takes another huge turn for the better really soon.) My emotional and mental constitution are much stronger now than before. I can think more clearly and hold lengthy conversations. But my physical stamina is still pretty reduced from my “normal”.

Outside of my morning routine, which includes bathing, eating, exercise and making the bed, I have about 2-4 hours of mental/physical energy to get things done like cook, light cleaning, laundry, paperwork, run light errands, etc. These dark rainy days make it harder to function, especially as I spend a lot of time trying to be warm. Although, my body’s ability to regulate temperature seems to have greatly improved especially the last 4-6 weeks.

My diet alternates between vegan and vegetarian. I am supplementing my diet  with a borage/flax oil blend, B12, D3, multi-enzyme and a superfood powder consistently. 

For reducing the itch, physical stress and assisting my ability to sleep, I take “Magnesium Serene” by Source Naturals at breakfast and right before my evening bath. Also, “Stress Response” by Gaia –  it’s a blend of herbs including Siberian Rhodiola Root, Holy Basil Leaf, Ashwagandha root, Wild Oats Milky Seed and Schisandra berry- I take after breakfast and  dinner. For my allergies and to help knock me out I take a Benadryl before my evening bath.

There are other supplements I alternate into my diet, but it’s based on how I feel that week. Above is my daily support.

It’s really only the night time itch I can’t seem to conquer. After a long deliberation with my uncle, we came up with a solid reason. We feel a large portion is due to the daily build up of dead skin and perspiration. This seems especially true as I began alternating between a beginner ballet class and 1-hour daily walk since October.  

The current remedy I have found is to take a second shorter bath and then a quick cool shower in the evening right before bed. This seems to be reducing the itch about 25-50%. During the bath I am using my body wash concoction noted below. 

For moisture, after towel and air drying thoroughly, I’m currently alternating coconut and almond oil with Shea butter, sometimes I use just one or all three. I have been mixing tea tree oil with my “free and clear” shampoo for it’s numbing and cleansing properties. (About 6 drops to a half a palm full.) I also use this as my body wash. It has a really cool and tingly sensation and kind of numbs the skin. (Some people may find that it stings, but I find the sensation comforting especially when the itch is bad.)

I know that my supplements and skin care will keep morphing as I continue to heal. So ’til next time, have a safe and wonderful time with your family and friends during this vacation season.


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