Posted by: eczemancipated | February 16, 2013

So Much Sweating…

When you are a long-term user of topical steroids for the purpose of treating eczema, many find that they don’t sweat like most people. This is partly I think because of the eczema and partly due to the vasoconstriction from the steroids. 

Since I had used topical steroids my whole life I never sweat unless I was running for a long time or laying out at the beach in the summer sun for hours, or it was 85 degrees or higher in the hot humid Jersey summer, or packed in like Sardines to see Oasis at the Stone Pony oh so many moons ago. I never had need for deodorant, except when going to a wedding or some major event for fear of possible sweating.

I often thought it was interesting how a lot of the girls I was friends with were always so sweaty just from wandering around and doing regular stuff. Or how important deodorant seemed to be to them.

Well after ceasing topical steroids about several weeks  in I was oozing strange smelly fluid and regular sweat from head to toe, especially during the crazy flares. I would have to change my clothes often and even wrap a pillow case around my neck to absorb the insane amount of liquid. It was so unnerving, especially having never sweat like that before. I would just lay in bed shivering because the inside of me was freezing and break out into hot sweats on my skin. 

Now that the cold sweats are pretty much gone and the hot flashes only occur for about 15 minutes once or twice a day, I’m starting to get used to the feeling of sweating. (Its much easier when it isn’t happening all day long for no other reason than that your body is freaking out.) For instance yesterday, in the late afternoon, during the dry 74 degree day of California sunshine in February – I drove 15 minutes to a friends house and sweat through my tank top. Several hours later as the sun was just about to set, I took a 45 minute walk along the beach and sweat a bunch more.

It’s very uncomfortable this odd wet feeling.  The poor little  newborn babies who start sweating for the first time on their dry skin, it must be something that would move them to tears. It’s a very disconcerting feeling. 

But I’m not complaining, just stating the facts of life I guess. I am happy in the knowledge that I’ve reached month 10 off of steroids and have officially joined the ranks of sweaty society.


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