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Diet – The Effects On RSS

Diet isn’t really a one-size-fits-all thing. Especially because the world is getting smaller with all the genetic mixing happening as people immigrate from one place to another. And the food available in each country varies. It is an individual journey to peak health. 

It is important to stick to things that naturally grow and are not manufactured food or scientifically altered food via manufactured preservatives, pesticides or genetic modifications. I don’t follow the guy, but even a recent Time Magazine quotes Dr. Oz’s recommendation of eating simply instead of the complex concoctions of the “foodie” frenzy.

It’s also important to eat to naturally take in proper nutrition without the need of too many supplements. If a person needs constant supplementation of the same thing while eating the correct diet for them, then something isn’t right. It would be best to find out if the soil where their food is grown is nutrient deficient or maybe the body is unable to absorb certain nutrients (usually a digestion issue). That is why rotating the diet is so important and why finding out the correct diet is important.

Over the years I have personally benefited from different diet changes and different types of diets. I have tried:
candida diet
saliva test results food recommendations based on body’s assimilation 
herbal supplements and detoxing 
water fasting
elimination diets
currently alternating between raw vegan and vegetarian diet

In addition, I have also found that it is really important to listen to your body and eat what you crave when you crave it, but only after you have spent some time cleaning out and building up. In fact, the sense of smell is important to picking out what your body actually requires. So when you go shopping smell your food, if it doesn’t smell good you definitely don’t want it.

Also interesting, due to RSS and whatever previous condition the topical steroids were treating, is that currently our body is in a super inflamed state internally and externally due to the withdrawals. So it would be unintelligent on our part to purposely consume food that we know causes our body to become more inflamed.

Probably the top or one of the top controversies among RSS sufferers is whether diet changes SPEED the healing of RSS or just help them  suffer LESS. 

The problem, to me, seems that many times people who are super sick and have NOT (previous to their peak of I’ll health) changed their diets embark on an intense food program. These quick intense change can prove to make the person more sick as the body tries to purge and clean out the toxins that this new food lifestyle is forcing the body to irradicate. So it will seem to those making radical changes as though diet changes cause more harm than good. When in reality the problem is that the body needs time to be built up before it can handle a super clean restrictive diet. Therefore, either people have to brace themselves to get worse before better and commit to the diet changes OR  make one minor change at a time so the body can adjust slowly.

Several have commented in their research of Dr. Fukaya and Dr. Rapaport’s commentary, that diet changes DO NOT speed up the healing process. Most of what I have read from actual RSS patients is that diet changes have ALLEVIATED different symptoms or the intensity of certain symptoms and has proved most helpful. 

 Many fellow RSS sufferers in this Google group forum agree their “flare triggers” tends to be: 

Less often, but definately worth mentioning, the following also seem to effect some RSS sufferers:
random grains

Many agree a diet high in vegetables is beneficial to them whether it’s:
meat and veg
fruit and veg
fruit, meat and veg

Many also agree that removing prepackaged food from their diet has proven beneficial.  

A point to remember is that many people with RSS were already dealing with additional illnesses besides what the topical steroids were treating them for and illnesses of all kinds are greatly benefited by a simple clean anti-inflammatory healthy diet. 


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