Posted by: eczemancipated | February 25, 2013 Supporting Our Cause

For 30 days straight, starting February 28, 2013, I will be guest blogging at as I take on the 30 day Raw Vegan Challenge.

Christine Roseberry ( see her bio and I have been colleagues since 2011 and good friend since the 90’s. She is going to walk me through another Raw Vegan experience.

But here is a really exciting bonus!

Not only will I be blogging every day for 30 days about working with Christine, recipes I’ve tried from, my daily ups and downs and general commentary. We will be talking about Red Skin Syndrome too. What a great opportunity to spread the word about RSS! 

I hope you guys keep checking in for the next month to ask questions or comment on her site while watching my progress. 

Join me in raising awareness for Red Skin Syndrome ( by following my 30 day journey to “Glowing Health”. 


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