Posted by: eczemancipated | October 8, 2013

Half Way

Today marks the anniversary of my 18th month off of steroids and 1 year of blogging. For some reason last month I thought was my 18 month mark but I miscalculated. It’s this month.

This blog has had more than 10,000 viewers these last 12 months. And that’s without even blogging since July. It was kind of exciting when I looked at my stats for the first time today in months.

Well, what does “Half Way” (the title of this post) mean? When I first stumbled into this adventure, Dr. Rapaport told me to prepare for the long hall. He estimated I would experience Red Skin Syndrome (the result of Topical Corticosteroid Withdrawals) for 1 month/1 year of Corticosteroid usage. By the time I came off of Corticosteroids I had used them (with a few periodic breaks) for 36 years. (I started “using” at 1 month old.) Um, pretty much my whole life.

So based on his calculations I am looking at a 36 month recovery. Thus, this marks my “half way” to freedom.

I haven’t written in quite a while due to a brief “staycation” at my in-laws, other family visiting for a month followed by a prompt 4 week battle of skin infections. The last week I have finally been able to get out and about. To kick off this temporary skin upswing after 3 weeks of bed rest, I took my first walk on the beach last Wednesday with my oh so pregnant close friend and her almost 3 year old son. But I am cautiously tip toeing through each activity as I just can not seem to define my personal health limitations and boundaries yet. (As I type to you now with bandages cradling my brittle dry cracked plasticine, at times very itchy, hands.)

Well, 18 months down and 18 more to go. There you have it.

To be continued…


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