Posted by: eczemancipated | February 13, 2014

Social Media

Many of you have already found me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. If you have then by now you know I post a lot of food pictures. Originally I had set up business pages through Facebook  called “Eczemancipated” and “HP Esthetics”. I will be taking those pages down soon, as I just can’t maintain 3 different Facebook pages. It was a good idea at the time, but not so much now.

Actually, I don’t really post to Facebook anymore. When I post to Instagram it automatically post to my Facebook page for me. Eventually, when I am well, I will be maintaining my blog and attach this blog to it for future Corticosteroid Addicted Patients to search.

Right now the plan is that when I am no longer on disability, I will return to my original business. I am a California State certified Holistic Esthetician specializing in Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Therapy and Nutritional Counseling. At that time my articles and posts will be very skin related – thus the screen name “HP Esthetics”. These posts will also include health, wellness and raising awareness for Red Skin Syndrome articles. (Unless when this is over, I wake up one day and choose a different field of work all together. Who knows, we’ll see.)

Should you want to follow me, you can find me on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest under the username: HP Esthetics or HPEsthetics


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