Posted by: eczemancipated | May 13, 2014

Raising Awareness Guest Blogging

I’m in month 25 of RSS recovery. My last visit with Dr. Rapaport was extremely positive.  He said get plenty of sunshine and it looks like 12 months or less – bar any crazy out of the ordinary events happening. I have so much to catch people up on with regard to my recovery. However, I must keep you in the loop about my Guest Blogging Appearance on

Last year, I worked with to raise awareness for RSS and while I posted my 30 Day Raw Vegan Food Journal. The response was excellent,  so they asked me back. As of May 12 (yesterday), I am posting my food journal and talking a bit about how the last year of RSS recuperation has been.

I hope you will all follow along to help support us as we raise awareness for Topical Corticosteroid Addiction. You can find my first post from yesterday at:

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