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Episencial Skin Care Line


Dear Readers,
I am in my 31st month of recovery and for about the last 6 months have been using a product line called “Babytime” by Episencial.  In particular I like the Soothing Cream and found so much itch relief from it that I called the company cause I was nervous about why it was so helpful.  I thought maybe it had steroids.  Turns out it is for sure Steroid FREE!  The product line is in an Aloe base with some Organic Ingredients, it is also Gluten Free with some Vegan products available as well. The Zinc paste, which I have been using on my cracked raw and oozing skin has Ceramides in it.

Anyhow, when I called the company and told them about ITSAN.ORG they offered all of my readers a Coupon Code. Here it is:

Coupon Code : ITSAN10OFF25
The coupon is $10 off any $25 purchase (valid until 6/30/2015).

They also said they would be willing to work with ITSAN to become an approved product through them.

I probably couldn’t use the products up until the 2 yr mark, except the Zinc paste.  But I’m finding the Soothing Cream and Zinc paste to be super helpful. I hope this helps you.

I posted the code on my IG page “hp_eatery ” which is also known as “hpesthetics”. And I just posted this on Facebook in the Eczema & Topical Steroid Withdrawal closed group. So you can find the coupon in a bunch of places.


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