Posted by: eczemancipated | November 18, 2015

Month 43


Well. I flared.

Microflared I guess, 2 weeks ago. In bed for about 5 days with baklava thin layers of skin oozing yellow plasma that smelled like chicken broth from the cracks. Then I started the shed. Still shedding but barely now – 10 days so far.

The flare is neck, fingertips to elbow, ankles to mid thigh.

Couldn’t bend my knees or my hands/fingers the first week.

Water fasted about 3 days til I started shedding. I find water fasting forces the oozing to stop.

Started week 3 with tons of cracks from wrists to fingertips and in the crease where the elbow bends. Self inflicted cuts on the ankles and knees from scratching.

Still fighting the fungus on my limbs. Tinea Versicolor or Pytiriosis whatever whatever. Had it since summer. Not sure how to kick it but I think my skin would look and feel phenomenally better if it would go away.

Time seems to move surreally when Doug is at work. And sometimes it seems as if time stops. Especially when moving my knees and hands are especially difficult.

Currently my right pointer finger is slung in a make shift popcycle and gauze splint. There are cracks on both side odlf the knuckle that won’t close because I keep bending my finger when I do any thing with my right hand. The splint keeps it straight,  hopefully it will close in a few days.

Ordered Calendula Succus tincture to spray on the joints and irritations, purchased Yincare for my baths for the fungus and started taking MCT oil that is supposed to kill candida and heal the gut cause it’s basically caprylic acid. All at the suggestion of my Integrative physician. All things natural take 8 weeks, so I’m hunkering down thru mid January.

Trying to be vegan and juice fasting on Mondays… who knows anymore.

I mourned the ushering in of winter the first day it rained 3 Mondays ago and the temperature has maintained itself 10-20 degrees lower. I did not want to start another winter with this.

May it be my last. O please let it be the last.

I’ve resigned to face the reality of winter. I’m thankful I’m not back east. Bay area winter is still better. Thankfully.


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