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October / November 2016

Well as this year is about to come to an end I thought I’d wrap up the continuing saga of my RSS journey . 

It’s the end of month 55. 

We traveled to the east coast in October and I did really well. No wheel chairs needed this year during any excursion where there was a lot of walking. In fact, I can walk 3 miles a day and on a good day run 1-2 miles of the 3. If you recall in 2012 I was bed ridden, in 2013 I sprained my hip and couldn’t walk and in 2014 I started physical therapy. So being able to walk 3 miles is a milestone for me.

We came home mid October and I went into a flare. 

At first it was hard to tell. Florida was so humid and rainy that my skin was moist all the time other than my patches. I did get this crazy rash that looked like little pustules on my abdomen  and chest. By the time I got home it was pretty big and really itchy. I thought maybe I had a virus or scabies. But it was just a crazy allergy reaction, most likely hepatic eczema. Also when I got home to the dry California air my face, neck and decollettee shriveled up like a dried apple doll face. It was wild looking. Then my hands and “inbows” got raw and really itchy and then the knees and ankles went. So I spent a couple of days in bed cause my hands were like paws and I couldn’t move them. That was the tip off that I was going into a flare, but my skin just looked eczematic still. About a week later my neck got crazy red and hot and I felt that “bone cold/skin hot” sensation for maybe a few hours. Couple days later everything started to scale up. And I was like, “yup I’m totally flaring – uh, I think”.

I began the “master cleanse” about 5 days ago and I’ve been shedding for the last 4 days. So now I’m like, “yup I totally flared for the last 4 weeks”.

Why has it been so hard to tell? Well it kinda came along really slow in stages, instead of all symptoms at once. And I never really got red and flarey except for my neck for a few hours. But the shedding everywhere was the only thing that really led me to the conclusion that I had completed a “flare cycle”. Shedding always happens after a flare cycle and then my skin is more soft and flexible.

Currently my neck skin is patchy red and itchy still. My hands and knees are the worst areas though. 

If I could just stop scratching for like 7 days probably my ankles and inbows would totally recover.

Interestingly my acupuncturist thought the rash on my abdomen had to do with my liver. So we were treating my liver. During this cleanse, my liver has been dumping like mad so I’m really glad I’m doing the cleanse.

I spent 2016 eating pretty much whatever I wanted, except the month of raw vegan. I was just tired of being so strict with myself all the time and still dealing with all these skin issues despite my fastidiousness. So I thought I’d try going hog wild this year. The result: My weight, despite the increased activity has gone up. So I decided to do the “master cleanse” and go back to a vegan diet. When my body weight goes up so does my swelling and other joint issues bother me more. Besides, who wants to look fat and resign to buying new clothes to “fix” the problem. 

Overall my skin looks the best it has in years. I was just hoping to be clear by now. I’m hoping that the new diet changes will alleviate some of my underlying Autoimmune issues and allow my skin to fully recover. I never thought that this process would take many years. Sometimes I believe this is the best it will get for me. If my hands weren’t so bad, I could lead pretty much a normal life. But there are days I can’t hold a pen or do anything. Those days are getting fewer and farther between, but they still happen. Winter is the worst time of year for me. So I’m just gonna take it a day at a time. The air is so dry and nothing really works to hydrate me. Believe me, 4 yrs and 1000’s of dollars later I’ve tried everything from petroleum to non GMO organic and nothing helps for very long. But I keep trying new things anyway.

Hoping for recovery by summer of 2017.


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