HP Esthetics

HP Esthetics and Consulting provides technical research and marketing evaluation for professional distributors, manufacturers, retailers and spas in the skin care field.

In 2007, with nearly 15 years in the corporate world, HP (Heather Petersen) left her career as a result of a life long battle with compromised skin health. During the next 4 years, HP obtained the proper education to begin practicing as a California Licensed Esthetician, Dr. Vodder Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist and Certified Nutritional Consultant.

May 2012 HP began a professional hiatus due to TSW. Here at Eczemancipated.com, HP shares her esthetic expertise and personal experience with fellow red skin eczema incapacitated readers and care-givers to educate and encourage.

Please direct all professional inquiries to: info@hpestheticsandconsulting.com

Corporate web address: http://www.hpesthetics.com

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