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Itch Levels Reduced


Someone on one of the Eczema RSS Facebook pages asked some questions about itch Levels and how people deal with them. I replied to him and then realized – “oh, this would make a good blog post”. So here is my commentary on my itch Levels over the last 37 months.

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Ok here is my commentary:

I’m 37 months.
I scratch daily.
But it has drastically improved.

When I first stopped steroids I was scratching every hour of the day and night while taking antihistamines and sedatives. I took 1-2 hour epsom salt baths at all hours.

Now I’m only having THREE, 30-60 MINUTE, melt downs per day and only 1-2 times at night.

I stopped using sedatives at 19 months and I stopped antihistamines at about 24 months. Though, when I flare I will take Children’s liquid Benadryl and sometimes Zyrtec. For instance I had a 18 week “flare & recovery” that started mid December which lasted thru April. I used the Benadryl for about 4 -6 weeks of it.

Also last week my eyes swelled shut. I took 1/2 a zyrtec 3 days in a row.

So HUGE improvements.

To help reduce the rips, cracks and tears I was putting in my skin from scratching – I bought a pair of rough cloth fiber gloves used to exfoliate the skin. I rub them in small circular motions with light to medium pressure when I’m itchy and my skin is dry and NOT oozing. It gets a lot of the flakes off, calms my system down by satifying the need to scratch and keeps me from ripping open my skin.

I will also use a cool damp face cloth to wipe away sweat from my skin and to cool my skin down when very itchy. I use aloe that I mix with a little bit of organic almond, Jojoba and other essential oils I blend myself and apply it to dry clean areas.

Oozing skin doesn’t tend to itch, it burns and hurts from being raw. So it’s easier to avoid these areas, of course until the ooze dries – then I’m using cool cloths as a compress or taking Epsom salt baths.

If I were to rate my itching over the last 37 months on a scale of 1-10, this would be the breakdown.

Month 1-18
I was at a 7-10 itching level all the time.

Month 19-24
I was like a 5-8 most of the time.

Month 25-30
I was like a 5 with several daily intervals at about 7/8.

Since month 30 – present
I’m about a 3 all the time, with several intervals daily of like a 5/6.

So it’s measurably reduced. When I got down to a level 3, I found I could control myself from scratching. But once the itching goes up from a 3 I can’t ignore it anymore.

I hope that is helpful!


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